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How can something be BOTH a COUNT NOUN and a MASS NOUN? If we conceive of the meaning of a noun as a continuum from being specific to being general and abstract, we can see how it can move from being a count noun to a mass noun. Consider, for example, the noun experiences. When I say. I had many horrifying experiences as a pilot. An example would be this famous movie line: "Houston, we have a problem." - "Apollo 13" In the sentence, the word Houston is a proper noun because it names a specific place, while the word problem is a common noun, which expresses a thing or idea. Proper nouns are not typically preceded by articles or other determiners, but there are numerous exceptions such as the Bronx or the Fourth of July.nounA clause in the contract set out detailed rules for determining the purchase price of the claims. En klausul i kontrakten indeholdt de nærmere bestemmelser om købsprisen for fordringerne.

A feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like. A supplementary part or accessory. Denmark is generally regarded as the world's outstanding example of intensive animal husbandry. It maintains a uniformly high standard of operations, combining highly skilled labor, scientific experimentation and research, modern installations and machinery, and versatility in. that definite noun phrases along with noun phrases that contain a certain class of determiners are barred from entering into the der/there-form of the sentence. In the literature this has therefore been dubbed the definiteness effect of which the above ungramma-tical sentence A4 is an example.nounanatomy Either of the two long, narrow ducts that carry urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder. Either of the two long, narrow ducts that carry urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder. Oplægsholder. Barcelona, Universitat Pompeo Fabra, 28. marts Et orienteringskort over logikken. Oplægsholder. Fredericia, IT-virksomhed AutIQ, 13. februar Logics with propositional quantifiers and propositional identity. Oplægsholder. Judgements, Assertions and Propositions. The Logical Semantics and Pragmatics of Sentences.

en 48 Furthermore, as follows from recital 25 in the preamble to the Directive, the principles of protection must be reflected, on the one hand, in the obligations imposed on persons responsible for processing, in particular regarding data quality – the subject-matter of Article 6 of the Directive – and, on the other hand, in the right conferred on individuals, the data on whom are the.

An example of argumentation in the Company Profile." 24.9.1991: Foredrag sammen med Hanne Korzen i Lingvistisk Kollokvium om "Fransk Con­ditionnel" 29.9.-3.10.1991: Deltagelse på invitation i "VIe Colloque de Linguistique Romane et Slave: "Com­plé­tude et incomplétude des structures syntaxiques dans les langues slaves et romanes" i.
The Property Term must contain at least a noun. It may also have one or more adjectives preceeding the noun to make a meaningful and recognisable business name. In generating BIE dictionary entry and UBL default names, the Representation Term may be dropped if the Noun and RT are effectively identical. Property Term Noun.

EXHIBITIONS Our exhibitions highlight selected school activities and present both the education and the architectural profession. See current and previous exhibitions below.LOCALIZATION NOTE: "Continue" in this sentence must match the text for-CancelPublishMessage=Afbrydelse mens filoverførsel er igang kan betyde at dine filer kun delvist bliver overført. Vil du fortætte eller afbryde? CancelPublishMessage=Afbrydelse mens filoverførsel er igang kan betyde at dine filer kun delvist bliver overført. IV. Det humanistiske Fakultet Humanistisk forskning har som genstand mennesket og den menneskeskabte verden i dettes bredeste forstand. Dette betyder, at de enkelte fag og discipl.

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