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These records pertain to individuals who are past or present political prisoners or prisoners of conscience in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and are published for purposes of information only. The vast majority of records are for those detained since June 2009, using data gathered from various public and private sources. Every effort is made to verify details before publication, using best endeavors within the confines of publicly available sources which are generally considered to be credible by popular consensus, and which may be subject to change from time to time. No guarantees are offered for the accuracy or completeness of the information presented, although it is generally recognized as the most complete record of prisoners in Iran since June 2009. If you republish this information, derivatives of it, or statistics compiled using it as a reference, in whole or in part, please include the following text: "Information from Iran Prisoner List is republished with permission of Global Freedom Movement" and a link to this page, or copy and paste this HTML code:
Compiled by volunteers led by Anita Hunt as part of the One Million Voices for Iran campaign for Global Freedom Movement | © Global Freedom Movement 2009-2013